Our Learning Studios


The Proprietors and BOT of WCS are committed to provide a learning space that is a modern 21st century learning environment with a distinct Christian character.  The school consists of two learning communities and has space for up to 105 students.


What is a Modern Learning Environment?

A learning environment may be understood to be the complete physical, social and pedagogical context in which learning is intended to occur.

The use of the word modern implies characteristics that are contemporary or ‘fit for purpose in the current time’ – the original Latin being modo, or “just now”. Thus, a modern learning environment is one that reflects and supports what is current in terms of pedagogical practice.

When considered this way, a modern learning environment is one that is capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining modern and future focused.

The term MLE is commonly used to refer to school classrooms but may include any designated place of learning such as science laboratories, distance learning contexts, libraries, tutoring centres, teachers staffrooms, gymnasiums, and the interaction between these spaces. These might be better referred to as modern learning environments. - http://mle.education.govt.nz/