Friends of WCS

The Friends of WCS are a community group who supports the BOT in prayer, organising events, decor for functions, fundraising, working bees and in general just fellowship as part of the body of Christ. We would like to invite anyone in the wider Te Awamutu community with a heart for serving to be part of it. There are per term meetings to plan for upcoming events and these are always very productive, constructive and loads of fun!

If this sounds like something you want to be part of please feel free to join and support Friends of WCS where you see fit! 

Ways that you could help:

  • Join our War Room prayer group on Wednesday mornings 9am -9:30am(families, staff, children, community)working bees
  • give donations (blessing baskets, plants, food, money, time or a specific skill) 
  • decor (art, flower arrangements for events etc)
  • gardening(weeding, mowing, vegetables or pruning)
  • any support

Please contact the school: for more info