Enrol @ WCS

What is it we really want for our children as a result of their years of education? Is it to be happy, have friends, a job and to travel? The most common desire for Christian parents is that their children will make good choices in life. To choose satisfying work, good friends, to share, to treat others like they wish to be treated. Ultimately it is to choose to follow Jesus and serve God and others with their gifts and abilities. A child's education is more than imparting knowledge. It is to impart wisdom to make wise choices in life.

Enrol at WCS

Parents seeking to enrol a child at the school are required to complete an enrolment application form and send it to the school. You will receive acknowledgement that your application has been received and arrangements will be made for an interview with the Principal and, in some cases a Proprietor’s representative. Parents can apply for part scholarships if available.

The Principal will submit the application and supporting documentation to the school’s Board of Trustees for approval. 

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