Classroom Teacher

In Arohanui we believe we are a family. We do life together - we share our joys, triumphs, failures and heart-broken moments together.  We laugh, we cry, we smile, we sing, we pray, we encourage, we persevere, we investigate, we learn. 

Ours is a class full of fun-loving, inquisitive and creative students. We enjoy learning about God’s endless love and the amazing world He created. Because we have a multi level group of students, we assess their levels of achievement and group them together instead of working in year levels. The plus side of this is that students can work at  a level that they are comfortable with but still challenges them. For instance a year 4 learner might excel in math and can work in a higher ability math group of year 6 & 7 students and on the flip side, a year 7 student might work at lower level in writing and can work with a group that suits his/her ability. 

We develop strong relationships with each other through our Christian values that we live out. Our intention is to develop strong leaders, motivated learners, and compassionate team members. We enjoy exploring God’s world through inquiry-based learning and hands-on involvement within our school.

This video encourages us to realise who we are in Christ. We want to equip the senior students to realise their full potential and their identity in Christ!